Membership Fee

The fee structure is as follows:

Member CategoriesMembership Fees
Annual member(AM)Rs. 1000 PA
Life member(LM)Rs. 10000/- One time payment
Founder member(FM)Rs. 5000/- One time payment
Fellow(F)None, to be nominated by the society
Corporate Member(CM) Rs. 25000/- PA or Rs. 250,000 One time payment
Student Member(SM) Rs. 500/- PA for PG Students and Research Scholars or Rs. 100 PA for UG students

Note: In addition to the membership fee mentioned above, a onetime payment of Rs. 1000/- to be made as Registration fee while enrolling for the first time for all members categories, except for the student member category.
If annual membership fee is paid continuously for 10 years without any break, (s)he will be entitled for the Life Membership.
For payment and other details kindly download the registration form.

Download Registration Form